I´m Jorge Lemus!

¿Who I´am?

He was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco on February 4th of 1994. From a young age he spent his time role playing as a radio host. He started his career at nine years old as host in the children’s segment of the cultural show “La Ventana” in his hometown. After two years he moved to digital platforms and started his own online radio show at age eleven. This radio show soon became the weekly podcast “Xtreme” that for three years managed to gather more than one hundred radio broadcasters in Latin America and Spain.

He started his YouTube career when in 2011, the production company owned by TV Azteca, “IrreverenTV” chose him as creator of vocational guidance videos under the channel “JorgeGLemus” and the news bulletin “La Cápsula.”

In 2012, at 18 years old, he moved from Guadalajara to Mexico City and started working as copywriter for Azteca Internet (TV Azteca). He also made his dubbing debut as extra for Disney. One year after, he was back in Guadalajara to study a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising and Strategic Communication at ITESO and he started working as a commercial voice for the west and lowland areas. Shortly after he was chosen as the official voice for Spotify Mexico, Hispanic US and countries from Central and South America.

He moved back to Mexico City in 2018, where he currently lives, and started a formal career as commercial voice-over actor in the country and Hispanic US. Today he is the corporate voice of Pepsi, TicTac, Burger King, Kacang, Bubulubu, PAM and Spotify (Mexico, Hispanic US) in Mexico. Some of the important brands he has worked for include:Walmart, Domino’s Pizza, AT&T,  Mazda, Cinépolis, Danone, FUD, and H&M.

Today his voice is well-known among a younger audience due to his work as the host of YouTube channel “XpressTv”, that goes up to more than 14 million subscribers and where each week there’s a new five-minute video of fun facts and curiosities about unusual events, cinema, science and entertainment.



  • Spanish and English voice-over for radio, TV, Internet, display advertising, social media, movie trailers, spots or imaging.
  • Audiobook narration, corporate videos, documentaries, training videos and audio guide.
  • Voice-over for e-learning, interactive learning sites, online courses and learning platforms.
  • Phone messages such as voicemail, call waiting, answering machines and IVR.
  • Dubbing for cartoons, movies, TV series, videogames and industrial videos.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising and Strategic Communication
  • Acting and improv workshops
  • Commercial Voice-Over coaching with Idzi Dutkiewicz
  • Phonetics, phono-articulation, vocalics, psycholinguistics by Victor Manuel Espinoza
  • Dubbing workshops with Rubén Trujillo, Mario Filio, Raúl Aldana, Arturo Mercado Jr., Dulce Guerrero, Cristina Hernández.